Design + SpeedRun Contests

Demo Updates

We are receiving a huge amount of feedback from the community playing the demo and we are constantly fixing and releasing new revisions of the game so if you tried an older version with major bugs, you will probably wont find them anymore in the newest versions, so check the game Demo regularly.

If you find any bugs, have any suggestions, or just want to say hi you can contact us in any of the links below.

Design an Alien Contest  

Have you seen this area in the demo? It’s a prison inside the facility that holds specimens of aliens.

We are missing some static enemies in the cells, so we are opening a contest for you to design an enemy that fits there. We really want the community to be an integral part of the development and this is a good chance for you to help shape the game. Because there are a ton of cells, the chances of your design to be in the final game are very high.


You can send only one design for this contest, and no further modifications can be made once sent, so make sure your design is the final version while submitting. PNG and JPG are the accepted formats. Your design can be in any style: pixel art, pencil sketch, vector graphics, 3D render, the choice is yours. Deadline is Thursday, August 31.

Speed Run Contest

How fast can you beat the game? Well you can show us your skills and win an awesome prize, here are the guidelines.

  • Use version pre-alpha 0.0.5 or higher
  • Record a screen of the whole gameplay without cuts
  • Let the ending screen be visible for us to check out the time
  • Upload the video to youtube
  • You can upload as many attempts as you want before the deadline
  • Deadline is Thursday, August 31

If you are the one with the shortest time, we definitely want you to be a tester for us and we will give you the €400 reward tier, this will give you access to test the monthly builds of the game and designing a Mini Boss and a Weapon MOD. You will have access to the following:

  • Design a Mini Boss
  • Design a Weapon MOD
  • In Game Name Tag
  • Monthly Alpha Builds (PC) + Private Discord Tester Group Access
  • Download code of choice, PC - MAC - PS4 - PSVITA
  • 3 Ingame Skins
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Art Book (PDF)
  • Early Beta Access (PC)
  • Access to the Private Discord Group
  • Name in the credits

The contests deadline is Thursday, August 31 for both of them, so you have a good amount of time build a great design, or build an awesome strategy to get to the end as fast as possible.




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Aug 07, 2017

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